Kitchen Must-Haves for Beginner Cookie Bakers

Not to sound too much like an “influencer” but I get asked all the time what my kitchen must-haves are. If you’re trying to get into baking cookies or set up your kitchen (hi, wedding registry creators), this list is for you! Here are my tried & true recommendations of tools/equipment that every beginner cookie baker should have!

Kitchen must-haves for beginners: cookie scoops.

Tried & True Cookie Baking Tools

  1. Measuring cups – Some people have the gift of being able to guess-timate amounts and therefore render measuring cups useless. I am not one of those people! You will use these every. time. you bake something, guaranteed. 
  2. Measuring spoons – Same goes for measuring spoons. As a beginner, do not attempt to guess how much salt in your palm equals a tsp. It will end badly, I promise. 
  3. Mixing bowls – You will be shocked how much you use these for baking and everything else! 
  4. Stand mixer – Technically this is not a must! You can use an electric hand mixer. But it is NICE to have. 
  5. Electric hand mixer – If you don’t have a stand mixer (or even if you do), it’s time to get an electric hand mixer. This is step one to delicious cookies with perfect texture and evenly distributed ingredients. 
  6. Silicone spatulas – I think I legitimately write “scrape down the sides of you bowl” on every single recipe I post. So, yes, necessary. 
  7. Wooden spoons – I love wooden spoons because 1) they do not scratch non-stick surfaces. And 2) they have a billion uses in your kitchen, baking and otherwise! 
  8. Whisk – Necessary. 
White chocolate chip cookies on a cooling rack on the counter.

9. Baking sheets – A definite need for anyone trying to bake cookies (or dinner in the oven!) 

10. Parchment paper – I love using parchment paper to ensure my cookies (or brownies, or cookie bars, or really any baked dessert doesn’t stick). 

11. Silicone baking mats – These are MAGIC! Just trust me on this one.

12. Cookie scoops – These are life savers when it comes to making beautifully uniform cookies that bake the same every time. Highly recommend you pick up a set! 

13. Rolling pin – Speaking as someone who had to borrow their neighbor’s rolling pin more times than they can count (sorry, friend!), just pull the trigger and get one for yourself. 

14. Cooling rack – Again, this is one of those things that I write about in almost every single recipe I post. Cookies will continue baking if you leave them on your hot cookie sheet, so it’s important to have somewhere they can cool without becoming overdone. 

15. Offset spatula – This was made for frosting beautiful cookies (or cakes, if you’re into that). If you’re one of the many people who has asked me how to make your frosting look pretty on your baked dessert, pick up one of these! 

Kitchen must-haves: cookie cutters.

16. Pastry brush – Yes, this feels niche. But I honestly use this all the time. It’s perfect for recipes like my Crumbl waffle cookies or my Crumbl Kentucky Butter Cake Cookies, to name a few. 

17. Oven thermometer – You will be shocked the first few times you use this to learn just how far off your oven’s internal thermometer is. This will help you get the perfect temperature for the perfect bake every time! 

18. Timer – No one likes burnt cookies and burnt cookies happen when you think you’ll remember to get them out in 10 minutes. Buy the dang timer and thank me later. 

19. Food scale – This is helpful for when recipes are done by weight (I never do this, but a lot of food bloggers do!) or for when you want to get that perfect 6oz cookie like in my Levain bakery chocolate chip cookie copycat recipe.  

20. Storage containers – Not to sound repetitive, but I think I write about airtight storage containers in literally every. single. post. These are a kitchen staple and must have. 

21. Cookie cutters – Yes, I do have a post on how to shape cookies without cookie cutters, but sometimes you just need all the cute/festive shapes in a hurry.

22. Apron – Protect your cute clothes – get a cute apron! This one is my very favorite apron. It’s comfy, washes well, and keeps your clothes spotless.

A red Kitchen Aid mixer on the counter with cookie dough mixing in the bowl.  A kitchen must-have.

Whew, that was a lot! I hope this is helpful in knowing what baking tools and equipment to buy when you’re first starting out! Share this with your friends who want to get into baking, are making their wedding registry or with someone who needs to get you a gift! Let me know if there is a tool that I’m missing that is a must-have in your kitchen!

Balls of chocolate chip cookie dough on a baking sheet.

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