How to Make Cookies Soft and Chewy

There’s a certain nirvana that is only reached through cookies and I’m here to show you how to make those cookies soft and chewy every time.

A close up of soft and chewy strawberry cookies piled high. The cookie on top has a bite taken out of it.

Soft and Chewy Cookies

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who can resist the goodness of a soft and chewy cookie! So knowing how to make the perfect soft cookie is an imperative life skill. If you’re looking to up your baking game and impress your family and friends with deliciously chewy cookies, you’ve come to the right spot.

soft loft house sugar cookies, frosted with sprinkles on top on a cookie cooling rack. One with a bite taken out of it.

The Science of Soft and Chewy Cookies

I hate to admit it, but my teachers were right – there is science in everything. And if you’re hoping to nail the perfect cookie every time, there are a couple of tidbits you’ll want to know. First: the ingredients you’re using play a huge role in the creation of soft and chewy cookies! 

So here’s your run down on the ingredients that help (or prevent) you in your quest to bake the ultra soft cookies of your dreams. 

  • Corn syrup – this will make your cookies super chewy! 
  • Cornstarch – If you’re looking for pillowy soft, cornstarch is your go-to. 
  • Brown sugar – Repeat after me: for soft cookies, brown sugar is king! That doesn’t mean you can’t also have granulated sugar, just watch your proportions because if you add too much, your cookies can go crispy. 
  • Butter (and Margarine) – Both of these can yield a soft and chewy cookie.
soft and chewy salted caramel cookie cut in half.

How to Bake Soft and Chewy Cookies

Ingredients can only take you so far – getting the baking process right is imperative for cookies that are soft, chewy, and delicious. 

Overmixing your dough can be a culprit of tough and crispy cookies. Be mindful to mix your dough until the ingredients are just combined and fully incorporated (unless the recipe states otherwise)! 

As for the actual baking, most cookies will be baked at 350. As a general rule of thumb, you will want to underbake your cookie slightly. This is because your cookies will actually continue to bake on your pan as they cool! 

When your cookies are done, store them in an airtight container at room temperature. You can even toss in a piece of bread in with your cookies to help retain moisture and keep those ultra soft cookies, ultra soft for up to 3-5 days!

I hope this post has been helpful in learning how to make your cookies soft and chewy! But if your version of the perfect cookie is one that is golden and crispy, check out this post on how to make cookies crispy

A hand holding a soft and chewy chocolate pb cookie that has been cut in half and stacked together.

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