Egg Substitutes for Baking

If you are baking you can almost bet that an egg will be involved. But what if you’re allergic or simply don’t have eggs on hand (or eggs cost a billion dollars??) Don’t worry – there are eggcellent egg substitutes you can turn to!

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The Role of Eggs in Recipes

Eggs wear many hats in the kitchen! They bind ingredients together, act as leavening agents, and provide needed moisture to recipes. So finding an adequate replacement is a little bit tricky because you need to narrow down what the egg’s role is & find egg substitutes that will meet it. 
There are several reasons one might seek out an egg alternative – dietary restrictions or allergies, a desire to reduce cholesterol, or even just an “oops I ran out and don’t want to bug my neighbor” situation. 

Whatever the reason, let’s discuss the various ingredients that can step in for eggs so you’re never left in a lurch.

Common Egg Substitutes

  • Applesauce – This acts as a binder and adds moisture to your baked goods. Simply use 1/4 cup to replace one egg. 
  • Mashed Bananas – Bananas (especially slightly overripe bananas) are great for adding in moisture and binding your recipe together. They can be great for baked goods, although they may alter the flavor slightly. Typically 1 half of a banana can replace one egg – just mash in a bowl and you’re ready to go!
  • Yogurt – Yogurt (think plain yogurt!) is a fantastic binder in recipes. As a substitute for 1 egg, use ¼ cup. 
  • Special Egg Replacers – These are specially formulated to mimic the properties of eggs and are obviously a great egg substitute option! Just follow the instructions on the package for the proper ratio. This will be your best bet as a leavening substitute.

I used to feel panicky whenever I had to replace a major ingredient in a recipe, but I really shouldn’t have. Using egg substitutes for baking is simple and can produce great allergy (or pantry) friendly results. If you need help with other common baking suggestions, check out my post on cornstarch substitutes or heavy cream substitutes and check my “baking basics” tab for more kitchen helps!

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